Hidden Betrayal

by Diane Benefiel

Shot and left for dead by his partner, betrayal and cynicism has US Marshal Linc Jameson ready to turn in his badge until he meets Mikayla O'Kane, who he vows to protect with his life.


After being shot and left for dead by his partner, US Marshal Lincoln Jameson questions whether he'll ever put on a badge again. To help get his head straight, he takes off for the mountains where he meets the beautiful and compelling Mikayla O’Kane who's recently witnessed her ex-fiancé’s murder. Following a vicious attack, Linc vows to protect her, and will do whatever is necessary to keep her alive. Mikayla resists witness protection, and will fight anyone, especially the hunky marshal who wants to put her in a cage, even if it's for her own safety. With complications arising at every turn, Linc's past and future collide in a deadly confrontation he must survive so he can start his life with the woman who has stolen his heart.

5 Star Reviews

Got sucked right in

I am sooo sleepy and it's all that sneaky Diane Benefiel's fault. I started this book and right away got sucked right in.

I loved it! Wished I could think clearly enough to write a better review but since I have family coming over later who expect food, I am going to sleep a couple of hours and hopefully dream of Linc. LOL

Then I have to start cooking but you can be assured that tomorrow I will be searching for the next Diane Benefiel book to read and maybe even lose more sleep.