You Again

by Lyn Austin

Fifteen years after making a terrible mistake, Lara Douglas can redeem herself and rediscover love, but first she has to discover why Steve Mitchell has come to the picturesque town of Island Park, Idaho—and why he’s running for his life.


Long ago, Lara Douglas made a mistake. She took refuge afterward in Island Park, Idaho, enjoying its sleepy beauty and her proximity to family, working as a fly-fishing guide on the banks of the Snake. The rest of her days, she expected, would be without drama, passion or love. She was wrong.

The hitchhiker in front of her is Steve Mitchell, “the one who got away.” The one she sent away. His guitar case says he’s seen hard times, his lean physique and scruffy face say he’s on the run, and his eyes and lips say he’ll never forget what she did to him. But that voice is still sexy as hell and Lara’s soul knows now is the time to seek forgiveness. This man once promised to make her heart and body sing, and today, no matter the danger, no matter the cost, she’ll see that they finally get their chance.