Winds of Change

by Fay Wentworth

Kate has come home. Nothing will ever be the same. Returning to beautiful Stony Ridge Farm on the Welsh borderlands, Kate Bramwell little expects to find a plot to take her family land or the dangerously handsome stranger already living in her cottageā€¦and who will take something even more precious: her heart.


After twelve months travelling and nursing a broken heart, Kate Bramwell has returned to the Welsh borderlands to find a stranger in her bed. And the dangerously handsome Grant Drummond is only the beginning. The family farm is no longer a safe haven, having been turned upside-down in her absence. Her parents appear to trust Grant and his schemes, but a mysterious visitor in a black Mercedes proves more is yet to come. Secrets abound, from her parents to her younger sister, to the neighbors, to everyone visiting Stony Ridge. But amidst the deception is true love, and sometimes, Kate will find, you can come home after all.