Wild Island Winds

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Living in a tropical paradise is every man’s dream unless you’re Julian St. John, whose island sex resort is a prison. The determined and beautiful Kiley Trevor, P.I., is about to set him free.


Of all the idiot assignments Kiley Trevor has suffered as a private investigator, this one takes the cake. Flying to Mistral Cay sounded grand until she learned Julian St. John’s private island was basically a sex retreat for rich, bored women, and the mysterious Julian is King of the Man-Whores. Kiley’s assignment? Find the gigolo with a birthmark on his…privates.

From the minute he saw her, Julian St. John knew “Ms. Trevor” was different—and not just from her proffered identity. Uncovering her lies would help protect his secrets and tortured past. Uncovering the rest of her would set him free.