The Week of Living Dangerously

by Joan Bird

Two wounded souls, widowed Nell Sprigens and "Slap" Christof Johansson find one another for a mindless few days in Baja, and in what they create, they find salvation from the shadows of their pasts.


It began with a very unmerry Christmas, or rather a very merry unChristmas. Or, rather, with the tragic events directly preceding. But Nell Sprigens vowed that her holiday trip to Baja would be the start of something new and not just an escape from something old. More tequila than was prudent, too-tall heels and a mountain of guilt all combined in a madcap whirlwind blur that knocked her off her feet and into the arms of a handsome savior, and soon she was almost naked in his bed. With one knock-knock joke, every boundary fell away. But a hot vacation tryst is just a week of living dangerously. Nell will soon decide where to go next, and her beautiful but broken hero will decide if he can possibly let her leave—along with everything they’ve created.