by Emily Wright Mims

Karen Gregory’s dream of the ideal man changed when she met Gary Jeffries, but Deke, her ex, the original ideal guy, isn’t ready to let her go.


Karen Gregory has always been into big, take-charge, brooding alpha males. Not small, cute, second grade schoolteachers. Even though her marriage to Deke Gregory failed, she still thinks his type of man is what she wants. Or does she? When she returns to her hometown with the son her ex all but abandoned, she meets fellow teacher and singer Gary Jeffries, and finds herself falling for a man who is the antithesis of everything she thought she ever wanted. When Deke dramatically re-enters her life, Karen is faced with an impossible choice. Go back to her romantic ideal, and the father of her son, or stay with Gary?


Gary Jefferies knows he’s not what smokin’ hot, talented teacher and singer Karen Gregory wants. But he also knows that he is, by far, the better man for her and her son. Especially after meeting her arrogant, obnoxious ex. But shared history and a ten-year old child are strong ties to sever. Gary fears he’ll he lose Karen to her romantic ideal, even though Gary is the man she hasn’t yet realized she needs.