Under New Management

by Allie K. Adams

When its owner dies, a rustic bar is saved from bankruptcy by the love of a local girl with big dreams and a handsome outsider with just the right touch. And by the magic of small-town Montana.

Welcome to Montana John’s.
A place where dreams really do come true.

John Collins is gone. His legacy, however, survives—or it will if Christie Walker has her way. Montana John’s is more than just a rustic restaurant owned by her friend and a local watering hole. It’s a social hub, a solace for the down-spirited, a backdrop for the town’s colorful characters. And Philipsburg, a mining town straight out of the 1800s, has plenty of colorful characters. And family and tradition. That’s why Christie must stop the bank’s repossession of the restaurant at all costs. All of Philipsburg might lend a hand, but one man in particular seems perfect to help: Marcus Collins, John’s brother, tall, dark and bold like a delicious merlot.

Magic is brewing, and the first draught will be a delicious mixture of justice and romance.