Two's Company

by Bronwyn Forest

First impressions do count, and unfortunately for Leah and Ash their initial meeting is a disaster that gets worse as both are hell bent on getting the other to quit the hotel where they work.


When new hotel manager Leah Bellerose rushes in to save the day, maintenance man Asher Banks is left holding the plunger. Not an auspicious start to Leah’s first morning at the Charmant Forest Hotel. An inept maintenance man and a cranky ex-manager weren’t on her To-Do list. Worse, Leah realizes she wants “to do” the maintenance man, which is even more irritating.

Ash dislikes the sexy vixen who’s come to his hotel to wreak havoc. He has enough to deal with kowtowing to his officious father while trying to repair his fall from grace. Ash might be attracted to the sharp-tongued witch, but her damn haughty attitude frustrates the hell out of him. Their growing feelings become hard to ignore, yet they’re holding onto secrets that could blow apart their tenuous relationship and ruin everything.