by Cindy Holby

One hundred years in the future, Abbey Shore is about to learn her life's twist--she'll save not just the dreamy yet doomed Dr. Shane Maddox but all of mankind.


I never intended to be the savior of the world. It was just something that happened—like my father’s tragic death and the fact that I’m now poor and flipping houses in the Chicago suburbs to finish college. And there’s more: behind a crumbling wall in my current renovation, a swirling vortex hides. It’s a gate, a portal, and it will not only cast me into the arms and power of the enigmatic yet doomed Dr. Shane Maddox, but also into the clutches of Lucinda, the eerie, leather-clad beauty who shadowed Shane’s every move in the Sacred Heart ER. I will soon be one hundred years in the future, in a dying land filled with roving bands of humans fighting for survival, and the “ticks” against whom they struggle. Oh yes, my life has had a twist. Time is running out to twist things back.