Tumbleweed Heights

by Joan Bird

Danger won't find Gilly in tiny Briarwood, Colorado. Right? Banking on her instincts is all she has left. That and a dream of a simpler life as a rancher. Luke Hudson has secrets. Living a lie, he recognizes a kindred spirit the moment he lays eyes on Gilly. What are her secrets quickly becomes how can he protect her when violence slams through her front door. Will truth ruin their fragile bond or will time run out before they have the chance to admit their love?

Moving to Briarwood, Colorado had not been in Gilly Casey’s original life plan. Sure, she’d dreamed of owning a horse ranch, but as kind of a part-time gig, in Topanga Canyon maybe. But the best laid plans of this high-powered L.A. attorney turn to dust when more than her bar card is threatened. Fleeing to a life she had never imagined quickly becomes a cat and mouse game just to stay alive.

Luke Hudson’s road to Briarwood was no less bumpy. Hiding from his own demons, he’s no longer able to float below the radar when he recognizes the feisty Miz Casey is in more trouble than she’ll admit. Donning the hero mantle years after he’d shed that skin, Luke realizes that rescuing Gilly might just save him, too.

With so many secrets between them, does love stand a chance? When the past trains its loaded gun on them, truth may not be enough to safeguard Gilly and Luke.

5 Star Reviews

Review by Kate Moore, 2012 RITA finalist

Ex-lawyer Gilly Casey may be as green as they come in Briarwood, Colorado, but her quick wit, smart mouth, and good people sense win her one cool cowboy and a devoted rescue dog. Together they face a trio of nasty villains and turn a marriage of convenience into so much more. A delicious read from the pearl snap buttons on cowboy Luke Hudson's shirt to the pie at Lulu's diner. Don't miss it!

Reviews by Molly

Oh good gracious! Joan Bird has instantly made me a new fan from page one of this laugh-out-loud read! I loved every emotionally laughable moment of this story.

Gilly is a transplanted LA Lawyer who is not quite used to living in the country. But, she’s gonna give it a try. Then along comes Luke. Sexy, hunky, gorgeous, and downright drool worthy. When Luke arrives on Gilly’s ranch, he comes bearing a gift, per orders of the town vet, Doc. His name is Boy. A big hearted, adorable dog.

There’s no denying the attraction that Gilly feels when she lays eyes on the tall, dark cowboy. In fact, it seems that all she can do is keep falling on her backside! Strong hands lift her up, and well, the sizzling heat ensues!

But, there’s one problem…there are things happening around town and there’s something not quite right with Max Tunney and the Sheriff. The story takes on twists and turns, leaving the reader completely satisfied with suspenseful elements, and some sparks of passion between completely lovable characters!

This is most definitely a 5 Book worthy read, and one that I highly recommend to everyone looking for that relaxing, fast paced read filled with romance and fun, mystery and wit. Joan Bird is on my list to read more of her works, and this book is staying on my eReader for a long time to come! Great job, Ms. Bird!