A Tropical Holiday Duet

Going to the tropics is the best way to spend the holidays, especially when romance helps heat things up.

Everlasting - Elle Wright

Love is in the air in Playa Negra, Costa Rica, and it's not only the couples who've been together for years who are enjoying the warm breezes and holiday spirit, it's their children too. And, as with everything that'd brought The Letter Club couples together, their kids' road to happiness is fraught with hurdles to overcome, and family complications.

But these kids are lucky to have parents who know how to navigate the tumultuous waters of becoming a couple, and they were raised with the deep and abiding love that has kept their parents behaving like teenagers.

Deep Dive - Misty Urban

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, he walks into mine... Actually, it's a holiday resort in the Seychelles, and after what he did to Saba in Paris, Anton Olivier can get right back on that chopper and find another woman to make crazy.

Saba Sweet doesn't feel any holiday good cheer toward the man who broke her heart, but he has other ideas, including making promises she wishes are true, and convincing her to believe in him.