Thou Art Mine

by Renee Luke

Betrothed to Lord Boden Sinclair, a powerful and lusty knight of King Henry II, Lady Izabella Bennet is about to begin a long and erotic quest for the heart of her husband-to-be.


Lord Boden Sinclair returned from war both victorious and ruined. His faithful service to King Henry II earned him a title, yet a deceitful blackguard stripped Ravenstone Castle bare in his absence. The only solution? To find the rogue responsible. That, and a lucrative marriage arranged by the Crown, a bond of necessity foretelling the end of all pleasure. And so the young beauty on the ground before him, this willing golden-haired temptress, shall be his final taste of joy.


Maltreated and ignored, long has Lady Izabella Bennet yearned to be caressed with love. Long has she waited to sample the pleasures of the marriage bed. Now, before her, stands her husband-to-be. Handsome and powerful, he seeks to conquer her body before her hand, and she is sorely tempted to yield. But marriage is more than pleasure. It is also truth and trust and honor. So surrender must needs be delayed—at least partially, tantalizingly, for as long as Izzy can manage. Each erotic step in this battle will be hard-fought—and harder loved. And though Boden claims she is his, he will soon see that she has already made him her own.