Talk of Tokyo

by Heather Hallman

Griffith Spenser is exploiting the love of an esteemed Japanese war widow and Suki Malveaux condemns him in her weekly column in the Tokyo Daily News, but she never planned to meet the cad, and now that she has she may have to eat her words.


1897 Tokyo is no different than anywhere else in the world: men are exploiting women. Specifically, Western men are exploiting Japanese women, and Suki Malveaux holds no punches in her condemnation of their behavior in her weekly column in the Tokyo Daily News.

Suki knows firsthand when Western men arrive at Tokyo Bay there’s only one outcome for Japanese women: a child and new mother left behind as nothing more than discarded shrapnel from the heartless war on love.

Griffith Spenser is her latest target. He’s been seen with Natsu Watanabe, one of Tokyo’s esteemed war widows. Under full anonymity of the moniker “The Tokyo Tattler,” Suki makes sure Griffith knows exactly why his behavior with Natsu won’t be tolerated.

Away from her Japanese mask as a columnist, Suki never intended to meet the cad. When he seeks her out to hire as a tutor for his niece and nephew, she’s faced with seeing him day in and day out without him ever knowing who she really is.

Caught in her struggle for anonymity so she can keep battling for women’s rights, Suki’s about to learn the full impact of her words on the people behind the story, especially on Griff.

5 Star Reviews

I have been SO EXCITED about this story!

I love that it brings us to Japan (I have been begging for more Asian romance settings and have only seen a handful of suggestions) and that unique time period of Meiji era. Japan has opened her borders and is on the cusp of many changes within its culture.

Hallman does a wonderful job of immersing us in the land, scenery and culture. Subtly woven into events, observations and discussions it flows so you can envision the beautiful carp streamers, traditional dress, and cherry blossoms. I loved these aspects of the story, adored leaving the London scene I’ve been in for so many stories.

Griff is our hero. Rumors surround him since his wife left him soon after their move to Japan. Now he’s been seen around town with a war widow and Suki makes some assumptions about his character and relationship perhaps a bit unfairly due to her own background. Griff turns out to be one of the sweetest heroes, strong yet gentle, and I really fell for him.

Suki is such a unique heroine and I adored her. She writes a gossip column under the Tokyo Tattler but dreams of more prestigious stories. She also teaches at a school and speaks French, Japanese, and English. She’s hardworking, funny, kind and caring.

Something I really found refreshing about this book was nothing quite happened the way I thought it would. Some romances can feel predictable after awhile, and I’ll be honest, with some of the secrets these two had going on I brought some assumptions forward about what would happen and was happy to get a more unexpected story.

This story I found to be fun, smart, sweet, engaging, and a bit adventurous. I found the ending to have a unique resolution and I loved the couple’s tenacity to solve their mystery. I am totally going to be following this series.