The Stag & The Owl

by Michele James

Alina is descended from strong women who knew their mind when they found their destined mate, and yet she fell for a man who betrayed her in the most cruel and horrible way.


As with all the women in her line, Alina leads with her heart, but she never forgets the lessons of her heritage. Believing she’s finally found a man worthy of her love, she’s shattered when he betrays her.

But the tides change quickly and fate begins to shift to her side.

The second son of a laird, Roark is forced to live with a more powerful laird to help his family’s fortune. He grows up believing the stories he’s told, and accepts his role in a devious plot.

He never expected to fall for his prisoner, and wouldn’t have believed everything he’d been told was a lie. But the princess with a spirit wilder than the wind sweeps him away with her ferocity and her truths.

On the run and hoping for a miracle, two souls destined to be together must find a way to break the curse threatening their lives.