by Lilli Carlisle

Hope’s new life is threatened by severe headaches, which leaves her blind and throws her life into turmoil, but where’s there’s Hope…


It's been five years since the Collector Demons took control of the earth’s surface and drove the shifters and the last of humankind deep underground. In that time, the demons have grown stronger, crossing the veil and possessing people at will. And now new and more dangerous monsters have arrived, and are intent on attacking the survivors’ children.

In one of the last subterranean cities, bear-shifter Hope awakens with new powers, which could prove invaluable to the fight. But first she needs to keep her own children safe while trying to figure out how she feels about tiger-shifter Gareth who’s taking his role as her protector a little too far.

Join the goddesses for a final showdown with the demonic evil that threatens the end of the world.

Selfless is the final chapter in the Fated Mates series.