Secret Lies

by Diane Benefiel

A dangerous past forces Cameron King to hide in the small mountain town of Sisters, California, where everything she ever wanted and can't have threatens the people she's come to love.


Cameron King is living under an assumed identity in the town of Sisters, California. And still, she never feels safe. As the baker for the café at the quaint Cider Mill Farm, she's grateful to the people who've taken her in and have treated her like family.

But she doesn't belong, and does everything she can to hold herself apart.

Local cop, Sawyer McGrath is always watching her, making it clear he’s suspicious of her every move. And she can't blame him. He's protective of those he cares about, and Cam showed up out of the blue harboring deep, dark secrets.

When a threat from her past comes to Sisters, she knows her mere presence puts the people she's come to love in danger.

This time, running away breaks her heart.

But she has to start over. Create another name, and find another town where she can hide.

The last thing she expects is Sawyer McGrath standing in her way.