Saturday Santa

by Kate Moore

A man whose external scars are nothing compared to his battered heart falls for a woman too good to be true and way too full of Christmas cheer.


Saturday Santa is the climactic final romance of Kate Moore’s Canyon Club series

A prince of privilege, Jack Ryker returns to LA determined to stop an enemy he unleashed from his past. Christmas is the last thing on his mind when he takes refuge in a house high above the ocean guarded by a team of security experts.

Scarred and trapped in a specially made chair, every day from his beachside window Jack watches a beautiful woman coax a faltering old man on their daily walk. Jack doesn't know why, but he’s determined to meet her.

Mari Lynch loves her job directing events at an upscale mall, especially at Christmas. This year her cheer plummets when a stroke prevents her grandpa from being the mall's favorite Saturday Santa. Forced to find a replacement, she's at a loose end.

Jack and Mari's worlds collide and he topples her ideas about dating while she thaws his frozen heart. The truth about his past stands between them, and could cost Mari her life.

When Jack’s enemy comes after the woman he loves, he knows now he truly has everything to lose.