Sasha's Happy Ending

by Emily Wright Mims

Sasha knows she has nothing to offer, yet a single kiss might bring her back from the edge of the abyss.


Sasha Fontenot has seen hell in the dry sands of Afghanistan, and the aftermath of war has left her vacant and wary. There’s no way she’s looking to get involved with anyone, especially an opinionated, annoying, headache of a man.

Mike Werner has endured his own version of misery, and the last thing he wants is to subject his young daughter to any more tragedy. Sure, Sasha is one stunning woman, but she’s damaged goods. Getting involved with her will complicate his life, and Mike doesn’t do complicated. Especially with a woman who's as difficult as it gets.

Yet.. If they take the time to focus on how they truly feel, maybe they'll overcome their fears and accept they're good for each other.