by A.F. Crowell

There aren't many people Brody Davis let get close, with good reason; his love-life seemed to be one epic mistake after another, and here he was again, swooping in to save the one woman who may save him from himself.


Brody Davis has it all. Looks. Money. Class. But his heart is maimed. He rarely allows himself to love, and when he does, he messes it up. Bad. The desperate young woman who arrives at his home, begging for help, reminds him of that. But this time will be different.


Equestrian Emmery Lennox has a single focus in life: her career. No other passion rules her. But when her dream job becomes a nightmare, she has only one escape—her family, and the mansion of a devastatingly handsome and domineering man who challenges everything she believes. With her body suddenly betraying her brain, it’s clear that both her life and heart are on the line. This damaged hero is the only person who can save them both.