The Right Wrong Number

by L.P. Maxa

When a mis-sent text draws a famous BMXer into a family drama, strangers become friends, and love becomes a possibility.


Life can be cruel and sad at the same time it can be weird and wonderful. Jilly's loss affected everyone close to her. They all felt like they'd never be happy again and that life wouldn't ever be the same.

They were wrong, and they were right.

Through the inadvertent interference of famous BMXer, they learned to embrace life and its possibilities: to live and love. Which meant their lives weren't the same, but somehow turned out the way they were supposed to: with their focus on a bright tomorrow.

5 Star Reviews

I Couldn’t Love This Book More!!!

Whoa! There is so much to unpack here.....all in a really good way!!

First off, text dialog within a book? I freaking love it!!! A whole book of text dialog? Heck yea but how does that work? Like what would the storyline be like?

All I had to do was read the first line and I was thanking the writing gods that L.P. Maxa wrote this book. She killed it!! I got so wrapped up in the lives of Jilly, Killian, Bently, Cap, and Caroline. I laughed at their witty banter and yea, I cried with the heartache and the fear they felt. The HEA at the end *chef's kiss*