Revolutionary Kiss

by Mary-Kate Summers

In the months leading up to the storming of the Bastille, a Parisian street revolutionary falls in love with an entitled member of the royal household and they struggle with class differences, dangerous intrigues, and their unrelenting passion as the widening terror of the French Revolution threatens to destroy them.


Nicole Vogel is a gifted millinery apprentice by day and a street revolutionary by night. She's scarred by her childhood in an orphanage and believes those who love you, leave you. She's determined to find financial independence and hopes to become part of the fabric of a more just society when she meets Luc Chatillon, the only son of a wealthy family that breeds thoroughbreds for the royal stables.

Luc, a man of passion for the truth, is a freethinker caught in the mores of his wealthy father’s world of arranged marriages and conventional mistresses. Luc finds himself trapped between duty and a longing for something more noble. Cynical about love and marriage, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to Nicole's ferocity and purpose.

As their passion intensifies, secrets from Nicole’s past emerge, which could send her to the guillotine. She must decide if she can truly depend on Luc as dangerous intrigues threaten to destroy her and those she loves.