Project Dream Girl

Rick Simmons has returned to San Diego to win his dream girl—and with the help of the New Year’s Eve Club he’ll find someone even better.

Last year, five friends made a wager to find their perfect match or “win” a date with Freaky Frederick Simmons. This year, they’re going to help Rick win a woman of his own.

Britney Bars. Onetime prom queen and cheer captain, teenage dream. Even now, whose heart could be more prestigious to win, especially for a man set on shedding an embarrassing past? The decade since high school has been exhilarating: the degree, the patents, the millions in revenue, the upscale movie theater venture. Sure, Rick still has a few rough edges, but that’s where his friends come in. Especially Ana Monroe. The beautiful young waitress knows just what he needs to change in order to be the perfect man for the perfect woman. And what he doesn’t.

The New Year’s Eve Club

It began with five friends. It never stopped.