by Michelle Kemper Brownlow

Becki and Calon struggle to find balance as they try to find their footing in their new relationship in the midst of the rock world’s demanding life and nocturnal chaos.


When Becki Mowry becomes the public relations manager for the band Alternate Tragedy, she's on her game. Radio interviews and TV appearances help sell out concerts for the up and coming band. The best part, lead singer, Calon Ridge, is her boyfriend, and her success helps his success. But the rock world is an unforgiving place, and the groupies are the least of Becki's worries. Sabotage, rumors and false accusations put Becki's faith in Calon to the test, and fear and uncertainty rock their relationship. When the rug is pulled out from under them, they face life's unexpected obstacles together because their hearts know there is no other option.