Play Hard

by L.P. Maxa

After years of pining for his best friend, a woman he could never have, Devil's Share drummer Luke Matthews finally meets his true match in the savvy Harlow Davis.


From the time he first met her, Luke Matthews knew Lexi Grant was the girl for him. He joined a band to impress her. He became a famous drummer to win her heart…only to have his bandmate win it instead. Watching the two together was torture, so Luke fled. Spent months in Costa Rica surfing and perfecting the art of becoming a manwhore. But on the dreaded flight home, forced to reunite with his band and begin a whirlwind promo tour for their new album, Luke knows what he must do. Lie.

Her childhood taught Harlow Davis two important lessons: Love can’t be bought, and don't date guys in bands. Then, on a flight to Nashville, a gorgeous rock star offers her money to pretend to be his girlfriend. Wrong. Stupid. Irresistible. And the best bad decision she’ll ever make. Her one-day promise to Luke is about to deliver endless nights of ecstasy. And if she can learn to trust—and if he can give up a love that never was—reality will be better than fantasy. And it’ll last forever.