Ordinary Miracles

by Joan Bird

An unthinkable tragedy causes a good man to withdraw from his family, and when he finds himself looking for a way back, an unexpected love helps him become who he was meant to be.


Everyone walks around with some version of war wounds, but Jack O’Brien has all of them. A shattered heart brought about by gut-wrenching tragedy, a scarred body from his tours of duty in Afghanistan, and a broken soul courtesy of his betrayals.

Home, but not, he’s estranged from the people he loves most, and he’s clueless about how to make things right when he’s still consumed by anger, agony, and self-hatred.

Caroline Bonet has her own scars, all internal, and none of them are as horrible as the sad, devastatingly handsome man who comes into her art studio to purchase lessons for his teenage daughter.

As their lives intertwine, Caroline and Jack are drawn to each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and find it’s possible to forgive and love again.