by Emily Wright Mims

Five years after his wife fled with their baby daughter, Ike finally finds them and truths he never thought he’d have to face before finding real love.


When Ike Jeffries married Cassandra Siler he believed in their future, and he couldn’t wait to meet their daughter, born on Christmas Eve. What should have been a blessed event turned into a nightmare when Cassie disappeared with their baby girl. With a hardened heart, Ike finds them five long years later and learns that everything he thought he knew about his wife and child was a lie.


Cassie Jeffries loved her husband with all her heart. But after the birth of their daughter she discovered a horrible truth about the child that forced her to run for their lives. Crisscrossing the country until she found a new home, Cassie knew she’d done the right thing until Ike found them and demanded answers she wasn’t prepared to share. But life has a way of giving you what you need, and Cassie and her daughter needed the family they had left behind, even if it meant fighting for what was right, and for what she’d forsaken all those years ago.