Never Without You

by Elle Wright

As a special agent for the FBI, Ethan doesn't have time for relationships, let alone love, but he was missing something...a connection he hoped to find through The Letter Club, and, to his surprise, one woman spoke to his soul and captured his heart, but her identity is a mystery, which he intends to solve.


A bullet meant for another woman reshapes Theresa Calapiano’s world, and she turns to The Letter Club to find a connection that is free from the notoriety that follows her. She doesn’t want one horrific event to define the rest of her life, and needs that special someone to see her for who she really is. Bossy and surly shouldn’t have intrigued her, but the man whose insistent intuition cuts through her shields turns out to be the sweet and tender she’s been looking for, and he breaks all the rules to prove to her he knows she’s “the one.”