The Last Text You Sent

by Elise Fender

Following a heartbreaking tragedy, Avery is on a mission to find answers and the boy she never forgot might be person who can help make her whole again.


In our family, my brother Whit is the star. Mostly, I exist as a supporting character in his exciting story.

This might sound sad, but it’s really not. Anybody who’s lived around a leading man like Whit knows being a wallflower requires a whole lot less pressure.

I’m genuinely happy living in the shade of Whit’s bright light. It’s where I’m most comfortable.

When Avery Walker's life takes a tragic turn, she enlists the help of the brooding bad-boy of Black Mountain, and the only person Avery has ever kissed: Jack Crawley.

Jack agrees to help her untangle her brother's messy web. As they search out clues, they bond over Whit’s mysterious past and start to create a love story of their own.

But life holds unexpected twists and turns, and as Avery and Jack face the truth of Whit's past, they confront their future, and choose to hold tight with both hands.