Labor of Love

by J.K. Winn

Too many people have become ill in the small farming community of Vandasillo, and social worker, Elena Marquez wants answers from the local power company, but their new attorney, smart, sexy, Adam Slater stands between her and the truth.


After a nasty divorce, single mom and social worker, Elena Marquez returns to her small farming community of Vandasillo, California. Within months of starting her new job, she's learning there are too many people contracting life-threatening illnesses, all of which seemed to trace back to the water supply next to the local power plant. Armed with indignation, Elena meets with the company's new attorney, Adam Slater. Smart, easygoing, and too handsome for his own good, Adam seems concerned, but he makes his priorities clear: he must represent his client's interests. As Elena presses for answers, she and Adam form an unlikely friendship. Adversaries with competing interests, they can't ignore their growing attraction. As evidence builds against the power company, Elena is threatened, and finds herself in danger. Adam never saw himself as a knight in shining armor, yet he saves Elena from an unknown fate. Now they are on the same side, their hearts and intentions entwined forever.