Kiss and Confess

by Jane Lynne Daniels

As a new addition to the TV reality show "Make Me a Match," Charley Stephens is about to meet the love of her life—offscreen.


Saying Charley Stephens has had bad luck with men would be an understatement, but as a new contestant on “Make Me a Match,” things are looking up. The reality show has personality experts and a special computer matching program, so Mr. Right must be waiting on sound stage number six. Except, if there were a script it’d be out the window. Standing in front of her is Luke Dean, the very man who broke her heart.

Doing the wrong thing for the right reason cost TV producer Luke Dean the love of his life. Now, here she is again, a contestant on his new show. Yet, three couples competing for big prize money, trying to best each other at challenges ranging from an L.A. treasure hunt to sidewalk singing…nothing could be as dramatic as the choice in front of him. He must decide to keep his distance from Charley or go for broke—literally. If he jeopardizes the show, he’ll lose his career. If he wins her love, it’d be better even than a Hollywood happy ending.