If Ever I Fall

by Elle Wright

A chance meeting turns into a forbidden love, and separated by thousands of miles and tons of complications the bright, shining spirit of a determined young woman makes the impossible happen.


A deranged ex tries to kill her and whoosh, her insanely over protective father takes Sofia Di Caro to Vittoria, Sicily to live with relatives. Forced exile is making her nuts until she spends one glorious night getting to know Matteo Parisi. Matteo is everything he seems to be, and not. Crazy, scary danger surrounds the Parisi family, and Sofia must go back to the States to be safe. Certain she's found the love of her life, she refuses to sever their connection and uses the anonymity of The Letter Club to keep in touch with Matteo. What starts as the perfect solution leads to a series of events that reveals truths about her family and the core of who the man Matteo really is, which makes her want him even more.