Hot Georgia Winds

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Sold as a child and trained by the best, Brandyn Fontanelle is built to give pleasure. He’s about to find love—and perhaps the freedom to enjoy it.


Brandyn Fontanelle’s expert hands can sculpt inhibition into blazing passion. In his eyes, every woman drowns. In his bed, every woman melts, which is why he’s the most expensive gigolo at New Orleans’s Rising Syn. A fallen angel, he is well worth the hefty price Madame charges—and God help any woman who tries to take him away.

Brought to the Rising Syn on a lark, world-weary Francesca Castile finds both heaven and hell. Brandyn’s dark good looks and delectable body are temptation incarnate, and his touch is an eternal reward; but he is chained to his past, body and soul, and he might never be free. The future can only have meaning if they are together. Hot winds are rising, a storm of deceit, danger and desire—and a love too powerful to be caged any longer.