Honest Secrets

by Diane Benefiel

Within twenty-four hours of arriving in the small mountain town of Sisters, Emery meets her fantasy cowboy, and her new boss, who is intent on destroying everything that makes Sisters charming.


Emery Marino is in the small mountain town of Sisters, California because her new boss demands it. But she'd be here anyway since she received a letter from a woman claiming to be the grandmother she's never met. If that's not enough of a bombshell, Emery learns she has sisters.

Then there's the little incident with Shane Keller, aka Hot Cowboy. Nothing like finding yourself on a barroom floor, laying on top of a cowboy-sized hunk of gorgeousness to add some excitement to your life.

But frightening events turn excitement to danger. Emery becomes the target of ruthless criminals, and Shane figures the best way to protect her is to keep her close, even at the risk of his already damaged heart.