To Have and to Hold

by Kellyann Zuzulo

To Have and To Hold is the first installment in the ongoing tale of love, lust, lies and loyalty that surround a beautiful genie living in the New Jersey suburbs. There will be four more episodes in the 101 Nights series. Check back for the next Romantisode, Reluctant Rapture.

Conspiracies abound, and enemies lie in wait. Introduced to her new husband-of-convenience, Dr. Jason Masters, Amani must decide if their chemistry will save her world…or end his.

When hot-tempered ambassador Amani Zarin makes a deal with her uncle to save her beloved homeland, she becomes America’s first desperate genie housewife. To rescue Jinnistan, she must navigate conniving board members, hostile ex-lovers and nosy suburban neighbors, and since their chemistry will literally save her world, she and her new husband must find a way to achieve wedded bliss—at least for… 101 nights.