Hard Wind

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Star Kiernan fell in love with bad boy Dáire Cronin knowing his job as a covert operative might take him away from her forever, but she never expected he would return to discover her heartbreaking secret—and to recapture her love.


For seven years, while Star Kiernan ran her elite Panama City restaurant, covert operative Dáire Cronin was often off saving the world. Their love was fierce, passionate, and unbroken by Dáire’s long absences. Then, on the eve of his most dangerous assignment, the two fought. Dáire left without knowing Star’s secret and was captured.

Dáire has returned. Thoughts of Star kept him alive for the past fourteen months, but she has since found solace in the arms of another man—and her secret has only grown. Yet, Dáire doesn’t do defeat. This bad boy might be brought to his knees and tortured, but no matter the enemy or the odds, the warrior will stage a frontal assault to regain the woman of his dreams. Their connection was forged by destiny. Victory—and true love—will be his no matter the cost.