Happy Hour

by Allie K. Adams

The death of a good friend makes millionaire Ryan Butler realize just what’s truly important in life: love, family, and getting to know a beautiful single mother whose deep blue eyes are as magical as P-Burg and Montana John’s Yuletide celebrations put together.

Welcome to Montana John’s.

A place where dreams really do come true.

Even in this, the coldest winter on record in Montana, single mother Trish Stewart looks forward to one month a year, the month of P-burg’s holiday celebration. It’s also the month a gorgeous mystery man comes and sits in the same seat every night at her workplace. Washing dishes for minimum wage, Trish settles for life’s simplest pleasures.

Seattle real estate developer and millionaire Ryan Butler visits Montana John’s every year to see his good friend John Collins—and to escape reality, if only for a month. This time, John is dead. And while John’s bar is being kept alive by his friends and family, Ryan has to think about where his own life is headed. Upon reflection, nothing would make him happier than getting to one particularly beautiful brunette to whom he’s never before said a word. This is the hour to do just that.