The Gamble

by S.E. Welsh

Connor Williams wants revenge, and what he needs is Sarah, but his anger and his single-minded pursuit of something he can't change may crush their love.


Connor Williams is haunted by the ghosts of the people he has lost, and is consumed by revenge against the forces that took his loved ones from him. The Great War and all its horrors has left him a shell of the man he used to be. The only thing stopping him from becoming a monster is Sarah Dawson, the girl he'd left behind.

Sarah knows she’s in trouble. With her father dying and a floundering bakery to run, love is the last thing she needs. But Connor is a lure she can’t seem to resist. A shadow of the man she thought she would marry, this new Connor is darker than her childhood sweetheart and twice as magnetic. But Connor’s need for revenge is driving them apart. When Sarah’s nightmares all start to come true, she doubts Connor will be the man she needs him to be. The man he could be if only he'd allow love back into his heart.