The Forever Weekend

by L.P. Maxa

Livi can't wait for her annual girls' long weekend, and this time they have two personal concierge butlers, one of whom would make a great weekend fling, except Livi's heart seems to be getting involved.


Imagine having two gorgeous concierge butlers pick you up at the airport for your long-awaited annual girls’ weekend. Imagine having one of those to-die-for guys flirt with you outrageously in an amazingly sexy Southern drawl. Imagine having him pursue you until you gave in, but you both promised that it would be no more than a weekend fling. That was what Livi and Taylor agreed to, but by the end of the weekend the promise was broken, and Livi had to go home. Life without Taylor sucked. Life without Livi was the worst. Life together...they both wished for it, and someone had to make a move to seize their future.