Fly Me

by Shirley Ann Wilder

When a playboy pilot meets a beautiful, by-the-book first officer, he’ll pit his charm against her icy reserve until a surprising love sends them both soaring.


First Officer Ronnie Talbot knows women aren’t really welcome in the cockpit, but that won’t stop the former beauty queen from pursuing her captain’s wings. She’s not about to let anything stand in her way—least of all the arrogant playboy sitting left seat.

“Flip” Farrell has a reputation: He can land any plane—or lady—with perfect ease. But his icy blonde copilot has got him in a tailspin, and it will take all his considerable skill to warm her up. Yet, just as she begins to find room in her heart for more than flying, a jealous ex and a deceitful coworker threaten to ground them. Only flying blind and trusting true love will get Flip and Ronnie back on course.