On Fire

by Savannah Cross

Ryan and Maddy's restaurants share a parking lot and little else; their competition is heating up along with their desire, and the danger surrounding their businesses is nothing compared to the risk of losing their hearts.


Maddy Sawyer's dream was to be the chef owner of a restaurant. She'd studied and worked for renowned chefs in notable kitchens for years before returning to her hometown of Lake Havasu, Arizona, to open The Haven. In tough economic times, she mortgaged her home to make payroll, and now that she's beginning to enjoy the success the restaurant deserves, an interloper opens a - yech - bar and grill across the parking from The Haven. She doesn't know whether to strangle Ryan Flannery or kiss him senseless.

Ryan Flannery was a decorated Lake Havasu firefighter who chased his dream of opening a restaurant all types of diners could enjoy. After opening Flannery's, he meets Maddy Sawyer, owner of the fancy schmancy Haven, and wants nothing more than to learn all about the woman beneath her chef's jacket. But Ms. Sawyer is a tough nut to crack who throws down a cook-off challenge that gains national attention. But their sparring is overshadowed by a series of restaurant fires that are more than suspicious, and when Ryan finally breaks through with Maddy, he worries they'll lose more than their hearts before the cook-off is over.