Ever Afters

by Kellyann Zuzulo

Desperate enough to marry a human to save her world, genie warrior–turned-housewife Amani Zarin is about to learn what humans have known about love all along.

When hot-tempered Amani Zarin makes a deal with her uncle to save her beloved homeland, she becomes America’s first desperate genie housewife. To rescue Jinnistan she must become an ambassador, navigate conniving board members, hostile ex-lovers and nosy suburban neighbors, and since their chemistry will literally save her world, she and her new husband must find a way to achieve wedded bliss, at least for…



With less than a week remaining as Jason’s wife, Amani now knows there is just one way to save Jinnistan. But nothing will be simple. Already her allies are compromised, and demonic villains rise from concealment. And her return to Earth is just a beginning…and an ending. For even if she succeeds, even if they put down their foes and save both worlds, she and Jason are doomed to live apart. Jinni and human can never be as one—unless love is more powerful than she ever imagined.