Endgate Island

by Flo Fitzpatrick

An invitation to design a mystery theater in a haunted castle on remote Louisiana island sends Teddie Grant searching for buried truths while becoming embroiled in an unexpected romance.


When Teddie Grant decides to accept her best friend's invitation to move to Endgate Island and work as the set designer for an interactive mystery theater, she can't wait to shed her past and start fresh. Not long after arriving, she meets Eric Desmarais, a prominent Broadway director, and the chemistry between them is sudden and more familiar than logical explanations can provide.

With a history of pirate settlers, slave traders, and violence, Endgate Island is not what it appears. In the midst of life-altering secrets, storms, and a vicious property battle, Teddie and Eric work to uncover the mystery that seems to push them together at every turn. But well-kept secrets are made to stand the test of time, and there are those who work hard and ruthlessly to keep the truth buried. Yet, these lovers cling to what they have found in each other, and they have no intention of letting go.