by Emily Wright Mims

Ex-con-turned minister Asher Ellison has found the one thing to challenge and perhaps increase his newfound happiness—loving and protecting the brash, beautiful, brilliant Trish McClellan.


Asher Ellison and Trish McClellan are united in the fight against drug abuse, and Asher, an ex-con turned minister, thinks he’s found the successful businesswoman of his dreams. But Trish’s businesses are intimate shops and a strip club—and she herself occasionally takes to the pole. Fury is his first reaction upon finding out who she really is. Then desire, always desire. Asher’s surprise is no match for his attraction to this brash beauty, and then his devotion. And hers to him. Not the consternation of his congregation or the church’s board of deacons, not the threat to take away his ministry, not even the unknown and murderous enemy who’s about to zero in on Trish. His scarred, powerful arms will draw her close and keep her safe. As those who seek shall find, true love is eternal and divine.