Double Vision

by Shirley Ann Wilder

When unthinkable lies are uncovered and lives are upturned, questions of love and loyalty put everything Colin and Lydia hold dear in question.


Lydia Spencer has made too many mistakes for one lifetime, and she lives with the guilt of them every day. In an attempt to change her luck, she moves to San Diego and finds the one thing she wasn’t looking for—love. Colin Peterson is unlike anyone she has ever met—warm, honest, and so easy to fall for. But she is hiding secrets that she can never share, and a history of hurt too difficult to put into words, let alone trust anyone with. And just when healing seems possible, deceit cuts her to the core, but she learns a mother’s love can transcend even the impossible.


Colin Peterson trusts and believes in his family, but when he discovers his brother has done the unthinkable, Colin finds everything he loves is not what it seems, especially, the lovely Lydia Spencer. When lies are uncovered and lives are upturned, everything the Petersons hold dear comes crashing down around them. Forgiveness can feel more painful than its cause, but it's a choice Colin must make if he and Lydia have a chance at a future.