Darkness Exposed

by Cyprus Hart

Aideen knew escaping a centuries old vampire couldn’t last, but she didn’t expect she’d have to save the big, menacing man she’d sort of fallen for since he sacrificed his life for hers.


When Aideen Duffy went from pursuing Druain Lindberg for the sole purpose of arresting him and throwing away the key, to becoming Drew's lover, things certainly took a turn.

Yeah, he's raw, cynical, and mired in the evil crimes his "boss" Costecu had him commit. But... Drew's the good guy. For years he's been working undercover for Aideen's agency, and she never knew.

He protected her from Costecu's murderous henchmen, and in so doing, blew his cover. Costecu wants revenge, and the hundreds of years-old vampire is coming for Drew.

When Drew sacrifices himself so Aideen can get away, she has a new mission: she must save the man she loves.

It's the least she can do, especially since she means to keep him forever.