Dangerous Devotion

by Kellyann Zuzulo

Desperate enough to marry a human to save her world, genie warrior-turned-housewife Amani Zarin is about to learn how her fears of betrayal are founded—and how no other man can make her body sing like Jason Masters.

When hot-tempered Amani Zarin makes a deal with her uncle to save her beloved homeland, she becomes America’s first desperate genie housewife. To rescue Jinnistan she must become an ambassador, navigate conniving board members, hostile ex-lovers and nosy suburban neighbors, and since their chemistry will literally save her world, she and her new husband must find a way to achieve wedded bliss, at least for…101 NIGHTS

With a growing circle of human acquaintances, Amani has begun to realize that her heart is softening to the whole race. But just as Jason Masters makes her knees go weak, so also does he make her question her wisdom. Then the couple find themselves trapped between Amani’s powerful ex-lover and Jason’s conniving boss, and the only solution requires trust, friendship, and a desperate flight to a place that might mean death for one or both of them.