The Christmas Bargain

by Joan Bird

A cowboy at Christmas is the last thing Kate needs, especially a smart talking, cover model gorgeous cowboy with bright blue eyes.


When Caleb Walker invades her space on the subway, Kate O'Malley thinks she's managed to toss him aside like an old pair of cowboy boots. When he reappears later dressed as a helluva sexy cowboy Santa, Kate realizes those boots hadn't walked far enough away. Added to her frustration at having him pop up everywhere in her life, she's been asked by her boss to edit a raunchy book. Kate doesn't do sex.

Caleb Walker only wanted a sneak preview of the prim editor who's about to edit his first book. When he meets the freckled-face, green-eyed redhead who's about to take a peek into his life as a writer, he knows he wants more. Kate isn't easy to convince, but Caleb has help from Kate's boss who believes in all things romance, and has a team of mischievous child elves to help persuade her.

Between Christmas, pizza, and a matchmaking boss, Kate begins to believe those cowboy boots might fit after all.