Christmas Across Time

by Nancy Sartor

Snowbound in Nashville, Joan McGavock and Lincoln Banner are about to be possessed—by amorous ghosts, by a dark and compelling mystery, and by love.


In snowbound Nashville, traveling lawyer Joan McGavock and architect Lincoln Banner will share accommodations but not a bed. Their double-booked hotel suite has a sleeper sofa, and after their irritating introduction... Well, for a pair who was instantly attracted to one another, these two have never been farther apart.

But not for long. A deceased husband and wife haunt the old hotel, nineteenth-century beloveds intent upon touching one another again, if only by the bodily possession of living vessels. Another ghost lurks as well, one with a deeper and darker need. So what began as a hateful compromise to find a warm place to sleep soon becomes something altogether hotter, and trickier, for Linc and Joan must decipher the riddle of the final spirit. They must also fight the love that is burning between them—as long as it remains a remnant of something lost long agoand not a taste of the future.