Boys of Burlesque

by Kitty Bardot

Eli's past has caught up with him, and the only thing keeping him from spiraling completely out of control is Chris, a sweet, kind burlesque dancer.


Eli's childhood trauma was no garden-variety nightmare. His is a story no one should have to live through. And while his sister keeps reaching out, he can't find it in him to make a solid connection. He's broken, and probably beyond repair.

Chris has found his home at Burlesque A La Mode, and it becomes his solace after leaving a long-term relationship. When he meets Eli, something permanent is the last thing he's after, but he's never met someone so alive, yet so sad.

A rollercoaster of emotions keeps both of them well out of their comfort zones, and when a decision has to be made about what their future looks like, it seems the bottom falls out and decides for them.