Avenging the Night

by Ava Vixion

Millennia have passed, and the angel Amitiel still grieves her mate’s death—until she meets the mysterious Kayd, who protects her with a ferocity she has known before.


Leader of the Guardians, the Angel protectors of Earth, Amitiel is a fierce and dangerous warrior who revels in slaying any Demon that crosses her path. But her heart is hard and empty, and has been for millennia since her precious mate was killed in battle. Out of the shadows, a being appears who seems part Demon, part Angel, but who is wholly her protector. And he is very good at his job.


Kayd has suffered unspeakable torture and had his memories erased, but when he sees the beautiful Angel with midnight hair, one thing is clear: He must protect her—and if he’s lucky, love her. Battles await, and memories. And at the end is a betrayal deeper than he ever thought possible. Then wholeness and love.